1. lilchefchic

    Hi Jennifer! I’d read your review previously on the Tello-which is definitely my pick but man these other drones are pretty tempting too!The Mavics look so Cool! I love that the Mavic Pro has a beginners option for me while I learn all the basics of flying. There are so many cool features on all the Mavic models. I can’t wait to try those guys next!

    • Jennifer David

      Hi Lilchefchic

      Thank you for your visit and comment much appreciated.

      Yes these drones are in a world of there own.  The beginner option on the Mavic Pro is a brilliant idea because after you get the hang of it you can take it to the next level without having to upgrade to another drone. So you could say that you are getting two drones in one. lol

      You also get great after sales care and help at any stage and this is why I chose this company to work with. 

      You really can not go wrong with any one of these beginner drones.

      Many thanks


  2. Strahinja

    Hi Jennifer,

    these are some cool drones. I never had one, but the more I look at them, the more I want to buy 🙂

    I love your detailed explanation – it is really great for choosing the right drone.

    My sister is studying Digital Arts and they used for some practise and project Mavic Pro Platinum. She said that it is so great for the scenes… it was for some short movie and one commercial.

    Thanks for sharing this, I will show this to her, I think she wanted to buy some basic drone for start.



    • Jennifer David

      Hi Strahinja

      Thank you for your visit and comment, much appreciated

      Thank you for sharing what your sister has used the Mavic Pro Platinum for and what she thought of its performance.  It is truly a wonderful drone.

      Thank you also for sharing this article with her and hopefully I will see you and you sister again soon.

      Many thanks 


  3. Dan Stevens

    I always wanted to pick up a drone. I didn’t know that they had come down so much in price.  They seem to be very affordable.  Do you need a controller or does it require a app on your smartphone? I think I may pick up a drone since the price is right and try it out.  Thank you for you informative review. Dan

    • Jennifer David

      Hi Dan

      Thank you for you visit and comment, much appreciated.

      I am so glad that you now have more understanding about Drones and how affordable they are now.  But for me one of the most important thing is the quality.

      Today many drones can be operated with your smart phone and or a controller.

      Many thanks


  4. Dora

    My nephew has been wanting a Drone for about a year now.  I really want to get him one for Christmas and I am happy I found your review on Drones.  I think he will really like the Tello drone because its for beginners since he has never tried one before. 

    What I love about Tello Drone is that it can be controlled by an app, and that is also take photos since he’s a teenage he going to love it too.

    Thanks for helping me pick a great Christmas present.  One Christmas present down and dozen more to go.


    • Jennifer David

      Hi Dora

      Thank you for your visit and comment much appreciated.

      Yes the Tello drone is truly an amazing drone and you get a lot for your buck.  This is an high quality and intelligent drone and I think you will be amazed with your purchase.

      Your Nephew will be over the moon with this Christmas Present.

      Thank you so much for your purchase

      I would love it if you would come back and give me some feedback after Christmas.


  5. Jag Randa

    I know my son’s been asking about getting the drone for Christmas. The one that I seem to like the most here is the Mavic Air. I like the safety features on it plus my son has never had one before so this will be perfect for him. 

    It also seems to fall within our price range as well it would lead him to one day buying the Mavic Pro. The advanced pilot assistance systems I think should be a must and probably is on all drones.

    Safety comes first to my mind when getting in any object that you have to control with the remote control especially one that flies.

    • Jennifer David

      Hi Jag

      Thank you for you visit and comment much appreciated.

      I am glad that you have found a drone that your son would love to have.

      Drones are becoming more and more intelligent now and I think that many will come with the advanced pilot assistance systems soon.  

      Yes safety is and should always be at the front of any drone purchase.  This is why I choose to partner with DJI because they have all the points covered and have a second to none customer service team.



  6. Babsie Wagner

    I am super excited to buy a drone for my son.  He is 24 years old, and he has expressed an interest in owning a drone.  He is a true beginner, so that’s why a beginner drone would be best for him.  I was disappointed that when I clicked on your link to buy, it didn’t work, however I followed your link to the review and the buy link there worked!  Yay.  I did see below that it is $99 which is a perfect price (I usually spend right around $100 on each of my children).   I like that you said it’s easy to fly and it has a camera, which is his main thing.  He wants to be able to take pictures.  Thanks for the info!  I really appreciate it.

    • Jennifer David

      Hi Babsie

      Thank you for your visit and comment much appreciated

      Thank you for letting me know about the link, which I have now fixed so a BIG thank you for that.

      I am really glad that you found a drone that you like and thank you for  your purchase.

      Please let me know how you and your son gets on with it.

      All the best


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