1. Stefan Vogt

    Hi and thanks for this valuable tips on what to look out for when buying a drone for my kids.

    I never thought that there would be some insurance and registration involved when playing with drones.

    It is helpful to know about these things though.

    The Spark drone looks fantastic to me by the way, I think my daughter will love it 🙂

    • Hi Stefan and thank you for your visit and comment much appreciated
      Yes I thought that many people would not know if they need to register their drone depending on where in the
      world they lived and it is always good to find out before flying. Also it is always good to take out insurance because
      it will give that peace of mind.
      The Spark Drone is a lovely mini drone and I am sure that you daughter will love it.
      Many thanks

  2. Hi Jennifer. There’s lot’s of good information here. Many thanks for your research. I agree that kids these days are spending way too much time sitting down inside. This is a great way to get them to have some fun outside. I think durability will be the biggest deciding factor for me when deciding which one to buy for my tribe.

    • Hi Andrew and thank you for your visit and comment much appreciated.
      Yes I agree that it is a really good way to get children active and it is a lot of fun too.
      You mentioned durability and this is one of the main reasons that made me write this article.

      Many thanks

  3. xSF

    What caught my eye initially was when I saw the phrase “pre-flight checklist”. My day job is an airline flight simulator technician (aka Sim Tech), and we have to do these before each and every hand over to customers who are paying big bucks to use our simulators at Glocal One Training Group.

    Okay, beyond catching my attention, I liked your attention to detail as you very thoroughly stepped through essential elements of information relative to drone operation. Flight is a much more complicated thing than most folks would imagine, but you did a great of taking something that is very complex. and making it easy to ingest for anyone with limited experience.

    • Jennifer David

      Hi xSF

      Thank you for your visit and comment, much appreciated.

      I am so excited to read your comment because you know how important it is to inform customers of the essential attention to detail.

      I am grateful for your input and I thank you once again.

      Yes I like to make a subject like Drones an easy to digest because I know what is was like when I started learning about Drones.

      Many thanks


  4. lilchefchic

     I actually happened across your article because I was researching drones…for myself! lol. I was thinking that as a newbie your kid suggestions would probably work for a not-so-kid such as myself.I think the tello seems right up my alley. Not only for it’s awesome price point but because it can take awesome pics and I’m kinda excited about learning a bit of coding (as you pointed out) lol. Thanks for the reviews and helping me make a drone decision!

    • Jennifer David


      Thank you for your visit and comment, much appreciated.

      Yes I hear you, I am a kid at heart myself. lol

      These drones are so intelligent and a really good place to start and progress.  

      The Tello is a very popular Drone for both kids, newbies and starter drones so this makes it a really good and exciting drone.  

      You will not be disappointed

      Thank you


  5. Bibian

    That’s actually a wonderful review on best drone for kids, it’s well structured and analyzed. I really fell in love for the Spark drone for it’s lot’s of features, especially the embedded 12MP camera and it’s speed too that’s actually amazing and worth it’s price too. I actually want to buy a bike for my grand son’s birthday present, the spark drone is actually nice for him but he’s still tender to handle it, but i can still make it up to him when he’s due of age for that.

    • Jennifer David

      Hi Bibian

      Thank you for your visit and comment much appreciated

      I am glad that you found this buying guide helpful and useful.  

      I hope that your Grandson has a wonderful birthday and enjoys his bike.  With a drone you could capture some amazing photos of him on his new bike, just a thought

      Many thanks


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